Friday, 7 November 2014

Meal Ideas: Breakfast for Dinner

Breakfast for of the easiest, and in my opinion BEST, meals to whip up after a busy day.  I could easily eat breakfast stuff for every meal of the day (and maybe for snacks too) so this is really a no-brainer for me.  

Sometimes we have french toast, sometime eggs, sometimes pancakes...whatever takes our fancy really.  The key is, we always TREAT ourselves to BACON when we make breakfast for dinner.  If we are having eggs I'll make some oven chips or pan fry some potatoes for hash browns, or make a bubble and squeak from left over veggies.  If we are having french toast or pancakes I'll chop up from fruit for a fruit salad or make a veggie hash, I try not to have potatoes with french toast or pancakes.  

Really Simple and oh so tasty. 

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