Saturday, 15 November 2014

Eating Out in Edinburgh: IKEA Cafe

I'm not sure what I look forward to more from a trip to IKEA...all the crap I'll buy or eating in the cafe.  Since we have had Lyra we've been to IKEA a lot...a lot, a lot.  Before Lyra I could easily make my way through the store and arrive at the end of my mission having only bought those things that were on my it is a different story...and our trip always involves stopping to have something to eat. 

The children's menu is good value and there is a really good selection of hot and cold foods.  We usually share an adult portion of meatballs and mashed potatoes, though.  She can only manage about 2 meatballs at this point so it isn't like she is putting  a huge dent in my mountain.  I personally would rather fries...but...oh well.  

Breakfasts are equally as yummy and easy to share, but if we go first thing in the morning we've usually had breakfast at home so just stop for a cinnamon bun (of course) and a drink.  

Even when it is busy there is somewhere to sit, highchairs aplenty and for the most part everything is cleaned very quickly.  There is a really great station for warming baby bottles and baby food, plastic plates and cutlery are also provided...and bibs.  On a Tuesday there is a breastfeeding clinic run by local midwives.  PLUS there is a chance to load up on all that crap I just NEED for the house...gotta love IKEA.  

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