Thursday, 2 October 2014

Day Out: National Museum of Scotland

When we first moved to Edinburgh 3 and a half years ago the National Museum of Scotland was undergoing a major revamp.  I can't speak for what it was like before the renovations and new galleries (although I have heard that there used to be a fish pond in the vaults) but it is a great place to spend the day, or even an hour.

There are loads of interactive displays and hands-on learning areas throughout the whole of the museum.  For little little ones (0-2) the best place is the Imagine Gallery on the first floor. It is a great interactive space dedicated to world cultures.  There are instruments to play, costumes to try on and artefacts to handle.  The gallery opened in 2011 so some of it is showing signs of wear and tear already.  This is a shame but, positively, an indication of its popularity.  

On the 5th floor is another hands-on area with loads of fun stuff to get engaged with about the natural world, dinosaurs, rocks and minerals and life cycles.  This area is good for older children, but there really isn't much to hold the attention of a toddler, other than the Dino dig (which Lyra couldn't reach into). 

Both the cafe and the brasserie are nice and are very accommodating to those with small children in tow.  We often wander over for a play in the Imagine Gallery and then a treat in the cafe, especially on dreary, wet days. 

10 new galleries are due to open in 2016 and I hope that the museum continues to offer high quality hands-on learning experiences, including some geared towards younger children and toddlers.

National Museum of Scotland
Chamber Street

Open daily 10-5

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