Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Eating Out in Edinburgh: Burger

I love burgers. I know they are, like, super trendy right now and everything, but I have always and will always love going out for a burger.  

A couple of months ago we finally managed to visit BURGER  on Fountainbridge for lunch.  It was a pleasant accident that forced us into Burger that day (festival cues at neighbouring Loudons and the rain)...and I could not have been happier with the experience.  On that trip it was a simple burger and fries for so so delicious. All through the meal we kept on saying to each other "this is so good" and "next time I'm going to try...". 

Next Time came a few weeks ago.  

I was already to try a hot dog (yeah, they do hot dogs too) but then I spied the SPECIALS board, which changes weekly, and saw they had POUTINE! Poutine? You say...YES! POUTINE! As a Canadian it fills my heart with joy any time I have the chance to douse my fries in gravy and cheese curds.  It isn't quite the same with grated cheddar and is the curds that elevates it.  In Canada you get all kinds of GOURMET poutines now (I had a particularly awesome breakfast poutine last summer with corned beef, spring onions, cheese curds, gravy and a fried egg) but the site of it here in the UK is so...rare...I couldn't resist. 

It didn't disappoint.  

There is a children's menu, but I tend to bring Lyra a small lunch whenever we go out and then offer her bits and pieces of my meal (although she didn't get any poutine...her dad kindly shared his burger and bun).  Oh and nifty high chairs too (swoon-worthy Baby Bjorn)!


94a Fountainbridge 
EH3 9QA 

91/93 Shandwick Place 
EH2 4SD 


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