Thursday, 18 September 2014

Somewhere New

In the autumn before I got married I started my blog 21st Century Urban Housewife. It was a creative outlet at a time when I wasn't working, had just moved into our first shared home, and needed something to fill my time.  Over the past 5 years my little blog has been my way to record special events, places I've visited, food I've made but recently it has been neglected...I don't feel like it is ME anymore.  In stead of spending time overhauling it and changing things I've just decided to let it go and start fresh.  I still need a creative outlet, I still want somewhere to record all those special things, I just need somewhere new.  

This is going to be a space for photos and words, thoughts and wishes. Be prepared for mummy stuff, family stuff, baby stuff and, of course, FOOD...there will always be food.  

Home Cook
Iphone Photographer

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