Monday, 18 May 2015

Eating out in Edinburgh: Graze Coffee and Chocolate House, Dunbar

We bought a car last month. After years and years of relying on public transportation and grocery delivery we now own a car. It has changed our lives. Ok, maybe it hasn't changed our LIVES, but it has made it so much easier for us to go out and explore areas of Edinburgh/ areas around Edinburgh that have seemed too difficult for us to get to before. 

Last weekend we pottered down the A1 to Dunbar. The weather wasn't great, we wandered around the harbour and checked out a little play park on the way to the beach and then found pretty much the only place open on a Sunday morning for a snack, Graze Coffee and Chocolate House.

Luckily, we managed to snag one of the only remaining tables (and a highchair). The place was busy, and almost totally full by just after 11 on a Sunday morning. In fact, I think the whole time we were there (which wasn't too long since service was quick and Lyra eats like a speed racer) there wasn't an empty seat to be seen. 

In the back section of the cafe there is a dividing wall display of cakes and tray bakes and anything sweet you could desire...It was amazing. I was tempted by all the sweet offerings (there is also a pretty extensive food menu) but I had my heart set on a cheese scone. 

The scone was great, and came with plenty of butter. The coffee was also good and I have it on good authority that the Malteser tray bake was top notch. Lyra had a toasted bagel with butter and jam and that went down very well indeed. 

On an Sunday Dunbar is a little bit sleepy but still worth the trip for a beach walk and a lovely coffee and scone treat. In fact, I'd say it is worth the drive just for the treat! 

Graze Coffee and Chocolate House 

65 High Street 
East Lothian 
EH42 1EW


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