Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Out and About: David Welch Winter Gardens DUTHIE PARK, ABERDEEN

At the beginning of February I took Lyra up to Aberdeenshire to visit some friends who live, with their daughter, just outside of Aberdeen.  The long weekend was lovely. We spent a lot of time playing, a little bit of time napping, and a very fun morning out at Duthie Park in Aberdeen. 

The girls' highlight of Duthie Park was most definitely the swings and play park, but I just loved wandering around the David Welch Winter Gardens. Yonks ago I interned at Kew Gardens down in London and wandering around (well chasing Lyra around) the glasshouses in Duthie Park transported me right back to my time at Kew. 

For the most part the glasshouses are stroller friendly, and there are lots of bridges for little ones to run up and over.  We were all flagging by the end of our expedition through the giant ferns and stopped by the small cafe for a (large) pancake and drink before hitting the play park for more running around (in the snow)! 

If you are visiting Aberdeen, with or without little ones, and would like a quiet escape check out the Winter Gardens at Duthie could easily spend an hour out of the cold discovering some new plants.  Oh and did I mention it is FREE??

Duthie Park 
Polmuir Road

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