Saturday, 8 August 2015

Meal Plan Monday

Since we bought our car I have been much more efficient at meal planning. Going to the supermarket once a week has made it so much easier for me to buy produce that will last me all week and to also be able to alter my meal plan based on what is on sale/ in season/ available in store. I still have to get fresh bread or rolls and milk and sometimes more fruit or cheese closer to the end of the week, but for the most part what I buy on Saturday morning will last us through the week. 

Here is a look at what we are going to be eating this week. Lyra and I eat together at breakfast, snack and lunch time and then we eat dinner together with David when he gets in from work. Most weeks I stick to the meal plan, sometimes I change snacks or lunch on a whim based on what I feel like or more recently what Lyra asks for. 

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